Commentary by Stephen A Sirois


First things First, Google does not consider SEO to be spam. Matt Cutts, a Google key player concerning SEO practices says he encourages WhiteHat practices and believes they make for a better internet experience for everyone.

I use this theme to my current expirences as a webmaster combining what I call "The need for results, vs. The need for results"

"It is nice to know that SEO isn't considered spam by search engines like Google."

To Google, SEO only becomes spam when website managers move against standard guidelines and executes practices such as hidden text, hidden links, cloaking, or sneaky redirects. ...To be honest, The best SEO is common-sense: it's certifying that your website architecture is spider friendly or bot-crawlable. You want all websearch engines to be happy that they have reached your site, and you want to allow them ease of information gathering so they can have good things to display about you and your site when they return home and report to TMD (The Mother Database). :)

If you can present real unique and interesting content through stories, images, or services you are already a step in the right direction of being a webmaster with integrity.
In order for you to reach achievable status put your self in the right frame of mind; Put yourself on the beach.
You're a search engine picking up bit's of information from the multitude of data out there.

"Think like a collector of shells on a beach" I say.

"There are tons of shells out here they all seem the same, but some shells are positioned better to make it easier for you to decide if you want that shell, or not. The use of descriptive words and phrases from a fresh marketing perspective and putting yourself in the right WhiteHat position will not only make people be interested in your content, it will position the search engine bots correctly to pick up on the keywords and phrases you want the spiders to find. Moreover, correct TAG usage helps define exactly where you want your data collectors to go to optimize your desired results.

SEO IS EQUAL TO Good Website Design; Plain and Simple

Using WhiteHat methods will help you move up on the search engines without the fear of looking over your shoulder the whole time wondering when Google is going to ban your site for unethical practices. Google can and will unplug you.

If they detect "BlackHat" techniques like unsavory uses of dummy pages full of links in effort to create backlinks to try to increase page rankings, or presents content on a page in such a manner to manipulate search engine spiders to reach deceptive results such as stuffing meta data like long lists of unrealted keywords or phrases; They will cut you down.

There are tons of free resources on the web will actually attain better results with less effort to become an established SEO WhiteHat master. BlackHat practices will always keep you on the run trying to seek new ways around the standard. As search engine algorithms change to combat bad practices, or just make searches better, more work will be required by the BlackHat admin to keep up.
However if one practices good SEO techniques, like good web design and appropriate use of tags and metadata, decisions made will continue to be in your favor and your work will never be in vain and actually will be quite satisfying.